Three Brain Fog Fixes

If you suffer from brain fog, incorporating these three home remedy techniques will get you back on track.


If you’re like most people, more than likely you have experienced times where your head just didn’t feel like it was in the game.  You know the feeling … it’s like something is missing:

brain fog

  •  Unable to concentrate
  •  Feeling “fuzzy” headed
  •  Loss of focus
  •  Lack of motivation
  •  Confusion
  •  Muddled recall

Luckily, taking the following steps will drastically reduce brain fog and get you back to feeling normal and productive again:

1. Diet Is Key

Today’s Standard American Diet (SAD) is loaded with chemicals, simple carbohydrates and low protein.   Many foods contain gluten, which is a big contributor to brain fog for those who are sensitive to it. An Improper Diet is one of the biggest culprits that rob you of mental clarity.  Generally, the rules are pretty simple in eating a diet conducive to eliminating brain fog:

Do Eat:

  • More dark green, leafy vegetables.  You know, for minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Increase protein intake.  If you don’t eat meat, consider a quality whey protein supplement that is highly rated and concentrated.  Tip: Buying concentrated increases the eat welllife of the product.
  • Get more omega-3 fatty acids.  Alaskan or wild-caught Salmon, Sardines, Albacore tuna. Again,  you don’t do fish, but you’re hardcore, consider Cod Liver Oil.  Liquid doesn’t oxidize like capsules are prone to do.
  • Low Glycemic Carbs.  Concentrate on low sugar fruits like berries, nuts, pasta and legumes.

Don’t Eat

  • The liquids:  Excessive coffee, alcohol or sweetened fruit juices.  Common sense solutions, but not practiced religiously by many.
  • Any packaged foods containing added refined sugar or artificial sugars or corn syrup.  In fact, consider ditching packaged food altogether.  Besides containing sugar in it’s various forms, they contain many other ingredients that contribute to brain fog.

2. Get Better Sleep

You’ve heard this since you were a kid, but it still holds true:  Your brain NEEDS 7-8 hours of sleep per night for it to function at it’s prime.get your sleep

Regular sleep patterns set your body’s internal biological clock because your body operates on a 24 hour circadian rhythm.

Constantly changing sleep patterns alter the circadian rhythm  and make it harder for the brain to get the rest it needs, or for you to get the sleep you need.

Consider going to bed and waking up at the same times each day …

… even on weekends.

3. Up Your Exercise Game

low impact excersize

Yes, that dreaded word.  But you don’t have to be a gym disciple to get benefit from low impact workouts that work on the body AND the mind.

Simply walking 20 to 30 minutes a day is verified to lift brain fog, depression and anxiety.

Exercise that use a slow burn, slow movement delivery like Yoga and Tai Chi are also good practices to erase brain fog.

The Bottom Line

Like most lifestyle changes, benefits come over a period of time.

The three pillars listed above will certainly help eliminate brain fog.

Exercise is probably the fastest method of the three, but diet and proper sleep play just as big a role in treating the entire body to eliminate brain fog on a consistent basis.

Good luck!

I keep these on hand for those weeks I don’t follow my base line good eating habits, sleep or exercise patterns.  Like I’ve said before …

When I have brain fog …

I want to fix it NOW!

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